Brain Fart

Two hours of decent sleep. No thanks to my itching body. Bitch.

I finally have my iPod Nano 6th Generation. *smile* though I got it in blue. I was too excited that when I had the money, I rushed myself to podworx only to find that only the blue color was available for the 16GB. Unaware that there was a fucking product red just beside podworx, I purchased the blue one with glee. Until I visited SM on the first week of classes. And my jaw dropped at the sight of that gorgeous red baby.  No harm done, it’s still what I wanted. Color isn’t the issue here, it never was. Though having to help African people fight AIDS would have been awesome. Because you see, having to purchase the red-colored iPod Nano entitles to have a portion of the money you used to buy the nano be sent to the AIDS campaign in Africa to help African people fight aids. It would have been epic, because while I’m enjoying music, there’s another delight of having to know you helped a lot of people.

Nakaka dalawang lingo pa lang ng pasukan, pakiramdam ko sobrang dami na ng nangyari. Hindi kami na recommend for Final Oral Defense, meaning kailangan matapos namin ang system before January 20. Hindi naman yun issue, ang inaalala ko lang mas nakakabwisit ung leader namin. Hindi na nga siya nagawa, nakukuha pa nya magbunganga, at magsabi ng mga hindi kanais-nais na mga salita, tulad ng hindi daw naming sineseryoso ang pag gagawa? Tang ina siya, kamo.

Sa tingin ko kahit na natupad ung hinihiling ko dati na isang araw man lang sa isang semester ko ay walang pasok, pakiramdam ko may pasok pa din. Bakit? Kasi dahil sa thesis. Hindi ko maramdaman ung ligaya ng 4 na araw ka lang napasok kapag Lunes hanggang Byernes. Nakakalugaw ng utak. Parang utot ng utot, kasi puro hangin ang lumalabas. Kadiri, pero minsan totoo.

My weekday classes have not matched my Saturday classes. It’s like the whole weeklong pressure isn’t unleashed until the last day. I always look forward to that mid-afternoon jeepney ride home, because I knew all my stress was left back at my dorm, and in the SCST building. I miss Manila so much. I missed its awesome malls. Before, I used to have a way of thinking that I only liked going to manila because I wanted something. That I have to get something from her, and bring it home. Something like a Knight’s Quest. Geek Shit. But now I’d prefer to just chill and walk around. Get some actual view. Unwind, and probably get some Starbucks, or take a shit at the awesome pit stop. Ahh, awesome days.

So yeah, Brain Fart.


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