October 27, 2011 Thoughts

You are not ugly.

You are not ugly, and you never will be. No one was created imperfect. We are all pieces of perfection. Nothing in this world was meant to be imperfect. We are made and designed to be unique, and in doing so, we have our own perception of beauty. We are all equals. We are all made in the image of God. We are alike, if we set aside our differences.

You should never let anyone bypass your own perception of beauty. You are you. You are here, not to absorb any form of negativity, but to help rid negativity. This is a free world, and people may express themselves in a way that is not into your liking. But do not let it disrupt you. Do not let it breach you inside, and consume you. No. Because you are beautiful. You are an amazing piece of beauty. A rare kind, possibly the only one. You are beautiful because you are you.  You are beautiful in so many ways. You are beautiful just by existing. The world does not have to appreciate your beauty. The world does not require you to flaunt about, and shout about your beauty. You just have to do it as simple as possible. Don’t exaggerate if unsure.

Beauty is in the beholder’s eye. It is true. Like I said we have our own perception of beauty. A flower is beautiful to most, but not so in others. Beauty is not supposed to be associated with comparison, for you are the most beautiful of your own, and no one can be as pretty or as handsome as you are. In the same sense that there are millions of kinds of beautiful flowers, you are and infinite number of different kinds. No one speaks of beauty like you, my dear. And I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that you are. In your own way, beautiful. That you are perfect, just the way you are. I need not to say who you are…I just want to be assured that if ever you will read this, I want you to know that at this very moment I am thinking about you. Of how beautiful and how perfect you are. Together with what you call your “damages”. You are perfect, my dear. Just the way you are.



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