Why I Delete Friends, And Why I Wait For New Ones.

Add Friend…Delete Friend…Friend Request Sent…The three phrases that some kids grew up to. the three phrases that made them, that broke them…That made them who they are now. Is it really the new way of crafting bonds? Is this a sign that our generation of physical interaction  completely over? I hope not.

Sad to say i was part of this one click friendship marathon. I just clicked, and clicked. And it was something to look forward to for their confirmation. It was sort of a feeling that you would belong, A sort of comforting feeling, as humans that we don’t have to be socially perfect to belong. I lived in the thought of being socially acceptable behind the laptop monitor. That i didn’t have to stand on their faces and say “Hi, im awkward, but you’re interesting. And i hope you find me as interesting as i find you” sort of thing, But one day it just dawned on me.

Adolescence comes with the thought of comfort, The thought of settling to an idea that keeps us safe and warm, but prevents us to live truly. We explore, and get hurt. Sometimes we wind up in the wrong places for a bad reason, and sometimes in the good place, for a bad reason. So we curl up in a ball of selfish comfort behind computer screens and refuse the urge of actual social experience.

We are social beings. We need to socialize. We need to mingle. Friendship has been so low that i cannot remember the day when i last called someone my “Friend” and i really meant it. The thought of valuing the word for some decreased, and just continued to click away. But where’s the life in that?

I think were not going to be in front of computer screens for so long, because there will be an urge, like i had a few minutes ago (and still having as of now) to just get out there and meet friends. To be able to hold one another, to be able to glance at their ups and downs. To stop using the virtual comfort bullshit and just be the motherfucking bastard that puts his arm around a friend in need. I think it’s something better than likes or pokes or tweets. It’s what life is all about. And it’s kind of a waste to be sitting in computers, unless it’s your job.

As for me, im starting to slowly but surely delete people i don’t personally know. I don’t think i would have an urge to add, unless i do know who you are.

So that’s why i delete friends, and wait for new ones.


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