THESIS for Geeks: Things to Consider.

As any college student would consider when he smells and feels the graduating spirit just around the corners of the school campus, there comes one more intense rabbit hole to pass through, and that is where the research paper comes in.

Now a lot of you have been preparing for this a looooong long time, and have already listed up potential thesis topics for you to propose on your deans or superiors in your department, while others just wait for the judgement day to come, as they are masters in cramming. But as one of the unfortunate masters of cramming that i have become, i have learned a few things in making and finishing our research paper in time that we could still make it to the ceremonies. πŸ™‚

When choosing a topic you must consider:

1. THINK ABOUT THE IMPOSSIBLE. work your way from a Space Particle Cannon with Online Coffee Maker into an Information System, Payroll or an AI/K.A.I., or a plausible Thesis Topic that can be proposed. Try to think of the things where the impossible meets the impossible, and how you can add the things you learned along the way to where you are now. Example, think of a web browser as a start. now for starters you’d think that it’s impossible. But through this, you can think of the functions of the browser, and with those functions (like Socializing(Chat, or Network-Based Thesis) you slowly start to think of it as possible. πŸ™‚

2. THE LIBRARY THESIS SECTION IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. in some libraries, they have a section for past research papers proposed by alumni’s of the institute/school. Some of their works require improvement, and tweaks. You may even come to the thought of surpassing their research and maybe constructing a THESIS ver. 2.0. Hey, it’s not impossible. We all have our moments of glory. πŸ™‚

3. THE “ENHANCE MY TOPIC” GAME. In almost ten months of our thesis work, i have never heard or stumbled upon a solo-thesis, unless he/she is in a school that requires him/her to walk the valley of the shadow of death alone. So, if you’re one of the lucky ones, try brainstorming with a twist. Sometimes, bashing each other’s ideas won’t get you anywhere, though it cannot be avoided. Try enhancing your thesismate’s ideas, and fitting yourself into his concept. Like if for example, one of your group mates propose a topic for a Teaching System, try to contribute by say, adding AI capabilities, or UI’s in the system, depending of course on the things you CAN do.

4. FIND A CLIENT / FIND A PURPOSE. Client – Based or not, find someone or something to give life, in your case, find something that needs an upgrade. The easiest way would be inside the walls of your campus. There’s always that department that refuses to convert to automated means because of cost. Sniff them out, and tell them they don’t have to pay for a large amount, and ask them first for a solution. One thing i have learned is that you never give a solution to a person who does not need it. Ask them first if they need a Computerized/Automated System, and how it would help them in their work. A little progress won’t do you any good, it has to mean massive, as in almost 60% of their work made of ease by your proposed research.

5. TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE. Being too confident in one topic? Don’t. Because there is still room for disapproval. Always remember that one epic topic is still no match for three or more topics. Be three steps or more from the error. Expect the unexpected. And hey! If your first topic gets approved, you can be a bro / broette(lol) and share your topic to other groups. In that way you’d have been a really awesome dude / dudette(lol again) for making their think-tanks easy.

And lastly? AIM FOR GOLD. In our group, we used to have this dream of aiming high, so that when we fall, we don’t fall too short behind. I’m not pretty sure if we graduated because of this thought, but it’s nice to think that you aimed to be BEST THESIS, but when you couldn’t reach it, you didnt land too far enough to fail. πŸ™‚

So, i wish you good luck! and hopefully you’ll be wearing the Toga I wore a few months ago. πŸ™‚ Kudos!


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