The Amazing Spiderman: Thoughts on the Web

If you haven’t heard anything about the movie, you can find some info here.

We saw the movie, unfortunately in 2D only, so that means less web-spinning action for us. But it’s safe to say the movie would have been awesome in 3D. A lot of movies being shown in theaters these days try their best to include 3D scenes as much as possible, so the audience can enjoy the best out of the film. The Amazing Spiderman had alot of scenes involving 3D action, much more than the Spiderman Trilogy had (since 3D was still slowly being released to the public at the time of the Spiderman Trilogy) which was a downside for all of us 2D’ers. But nonetheless, the movie had epic scenery, and the fight scenes were cool. Personally, i think Andrew Garfield had much more spunk in being Peter Parker compared to Tobey Maguire.

And the thing i loved most was Stan Lee’s scenes where he always had to be part of every marvel movie. At some point, i kept looking for him in every Marvel movie, and i was fortunate enough to laugh and snicker a bit when i saw him as a School Librarian with Headphones in this movie. 🙂 so it’s really something to look forward to his roles as well. 🙂

Something interesting enough, there was a secret ending here. I thought secret endings only existed in Avengers – Related Marvel movies, but i was proven wrong by this movie. If you have been with Peter Parker from the start like in the comics, you may have an idea who Dr. Conner was talking to. So i guess from the secret ending it’s safe to say that there is a Spiderman part 2. 🙂



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