Inspiration Inside the Box: Thoughts of a bored Fresh-Graduate.

March 27, 2012 was the day I graduated. It was the start of this so long fiasco that’s been driving any unemployed fresh-graduate like me crazy to live outside the box, and in our case, the box is within the comforts of our home. Things like boredom can really kill, as the urge of every sunrise comes as a fleeting moment of joy for me (I’m not sure for the rest of us) and thank the man above for the awesome life I live.

But this infinity of time to ponder on and relax does have its perks and downsides. I have the time all to myself. I can do whatever the heck I want, with the limits of our two-floor apartment building. But alas, houses have their limits as to food, shelter and clothing. They never said that houses can provide a cure for boredom, so it’s actually safe to say I did everything there is to do here at home, which is actually a bit on the downside for me. Why? Because the resources for inspiration are slowly being depleted in front of me. It’s like my house was once a tropical rainforest, and due to the cutting of inspiration and cure for boredom, it has now become a fruitless city, with industries and buildings creating ways to kick the nature out of me.

The bottom line here I guess is I need some new seeds of inspiration. Something to write, or be happy about. The happiness of being able to have a whole day to yourself is slowly becoming a nightmare. Going out seems to be a healthy option, since all human beings need sunshine. And so going out I will…soon.

I picture the world outside the box as somewhat awesome. Awesome in a way that ideas are in abundance, that you can simply grab an idea or inspiration from another human being. People are random, though no racism or sexism intended, but I think people here from where I live are too predictable. Maybe it’s just me, but I can really tell the difference between people going to the mall to shop and buy stuff than to the people who are just there to chill. Idk.

I think everyone should not forget (for those who are bummed at home, like literally chained to their computers and beds) that the outside world is in need of our presence. Sure, you can buy all the things you need in the computer, and probably the only time you stand up is when you have to pick up your package or delivered food by your doorstep, but the world is much more than just clicks and subscriptions. I think the outside life and the inside life are like piracy in products in a way that piracy is the inside or indoors life. They are somewhat the same, but it’s when you get to have the legit or the outside life is when you feel that you are human. That you need this, fleeting feeling that you have something legit, something brand new…and that’s what the world can offer.


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  1. Boredom is what you do to your life. If you begin to be unproductive, then boredom would surely creep in your nerves. Be productive. Not for others but for yourself. Find ways to be inspired. Your old man once experienced the same life your having. What’s worse is the thought that my first born has been born and I don’t have the tiniest idea where I would get money to buy you milk. Its a scary thought for a family man.


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