The Creativity Comeback: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumors and Launch

Today, smart phones are dominating the markets these days. yearly, a new model or brand of smart phone is being released, and people are trying their best to keep up with the latest gadget, in hopes that things would be a lot simpler and easier. Last February 19, 2012, The Samsung Galaxy Note was launched, with probably the biggest smart phone to date, with it’s monster-like 5.3 inch display screen, and an added stylus for creativity and with the use of Samsung’s Apps, the Samsung Galaxy Note was the biggest phone you could ever want that could fit snugly in your pockets.

But alas, another monster phone in the name of Samsung Galaxy Note II is coming, and with rumors from Android Central, The new Galaxy Note would feature a bigger, 5.5 inch display, quad core CPU and android 4.1 (jellybean). Sadly enough, the UBP or the Unbreakable Plane display technology will not be featured on the Note II, as Samsung will be reserving it for a future product.

Also to note, Android Central also pointed out, that the device would be released on the IFA this august that will be held in Berlin, Germany.

The Samsung Galaxy Note was indeed a big hit to consumers. It’s insanely huge screen didn’t seem to block Samsung’s road to success on the device, so it just seemed legit enough for a successor device such as the Galaxy Note II. The Galaxy Note II SHOULD and must be at least Quad Core CPU, in order to compete in other Android Phones such as the HTC One X phones or even the bigger rival, the coming of the iPhone 5. Some rumors are saying that the iPhone 5 would also have a quad-core processor, but alas, Apple has it’s way of keeping it’s consumers wanting for more.

Hope to cover the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note II on august from the live streams. 🙂 I’m going to post it if ever i get to witness the unveiling at IFA. 🙂


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