Recent Works! (9-12-2013)

So i stopped posting for awhile doesn’t mean i stopped making fancy Graphic Stuff for clients to see. I’ve just gotten an interview from a Swedish Company asking some samples of my work done, so i thought might as well update my blog and show them what i am indeed made of πŸ™‚


This is a poster i made after watching the documentary “Helvetica” and noticed how typography can greatly affect the design of the whole subject. Though the helvetica font inspired me to make this poster, i used the Futura LT font and sliced up bits and pieces and moved them upwards or downwards.Image

This was one of the most recent projects i had made, a poster, a flyer and of course the Wizard logo for a Local Australian Business called CompWizard.Β Image

This is a Photo – Manipulaiton i was also looking forward to learn for awhile now. Glad some of the tutorials I’ve been watching on Youtube has finally payed off πŸ™‚

So! I hope not only the Swedish company likes it, but i hope other opportunities out there as well. I am still in the hopes of updating my blog, and if ever to keep it going for so long. πŸ™‚


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