Nothing like a little Kate Upton to get rid of Designer’s Block.

Disclaimer: Kate Upton’s picture is not mine. Got it from GQ Magazine. 🙂


It’s inevitable. Sooner or later, every Designer (whatever kind of designer you are) you’ll come across something called “Designer’s Block” wherein nothing just seems to look artful. No matter what kind of cozy, air-conditioned room you may go, how many cups of coffee you take, and how many genres / artists you switch to (from Boyce Avenue to Bach or Beethoven to Eminem) Nothing just seems to boil and conspire into your brain.

But alas! What i did to vanquish the boredom that slowly seeps and infects my brain? Mostly just browse through sites like Abduzeedo or Deviantart and try to look at other people’s works. Tumblr also works! And then just browse and browse until something looks do-able (that’s what she said *wink) and you’ve got yourself a one way ticket out of the City of Designer’s Block!

Now i’m not saying that this can apply to everybody, There are a thousand ways to do it. But i think the most common one, that seems to make sense is to step out of the box. For example like think of something ordinary, and keep asking questions as to how to make it extra-ordinary or bizarre or epic. Your pic! Just get out of that friggin box! 🙂

Oh and yes! Here’s what i did to rid myself of writer’s block:




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