“Writing is a disease. A disease that clings to the very spine of man, slowly devouring his will to be in the norms and into the world he creates with words.”

I’ve been writing for ever since i could remember. Normally people write because required. I write because i want to write. Artists use a variety of colors and pictures to express. Like them, i am an artist of words. I use words to describe and to create emotions and feelings to grasp my readers. I love writing, because with writing, i can control what the readers and viewers will see and feel. I am a Master of my own words.

When i don’t write, i indulge myself in the wonders of multimedia design. I am a Graphic Designer in the making, and i have been using Adobe Photoshop for almost six years now. And since then, my talents have well bloomed. I am also open to learn 3D animation, if ever i save enough money for a better work space, and in my case, a better PC.

I am a graduate, and a product of Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Calamba. I graduated last March 2012 and received my degree in Information Technology. I can say that i have learned a lot (not just I.T. stuff) in my college years and it has greatly changed the way i am now.

Most of the stuff i post here on my blog are opinions about certain topics i am interested in. I don’t follow all the trends, I only keep myself and my readers updated on the things i like, such as Music, Gadgets and Technology. I also do gadget reviews on gadgets that i get my grubby hands on. My reviews are top-notch, and they are all honest opinions about every single detail. I want my readers to know the truth, because spending money on a gadget that you will minimally use is actually not worth the money.

And with that, hello! and welcome to my wordpress site. 🙂


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