Stuff I’ve Been Working On Pretty Recently.

Been off for quite awhile. Been having job interviews almost every week with no success 😦 But alas! I just keep moving forward and onto the next job. 🙂

So these are some of the things i’ve been busy doing. I’ve had a few clients on the side whilst in the middle of all these interviews, and here are some of the stuff i did for them:


An Indie iOS App (Left) And UI for Gist Magazine (Right)

An Indie iOS App (Left) And UI for Gist Magazine (Right)

Banners Made for A&S Beverages.

Banners Made for A&S Beverages.

Posters here include: UST's ECONLIBRIUM Dance Troupe Auditions Poster, A local German Insurance Company Banner, JS Prom Poster, Fire Dances Movie Poster and of course a poster i did for a local music fesitval contest. :)

Posters here include: UST’s ECONLIBRIUM Dance Troupe Auditions Poster, A local German Insurance Company Banner, JS Prom Poster, Fire Dances Movie Poster and of course a poster i did for a local music fesitval contest. 🙂


Nothing like a little Kate Upton to get rid of Designer’s Block.

Disclaimer: Kate Upton’s picture is not mine. Got it from GQ Magazine. 🙂


It’s inevitable. Sooner or later, every Designer (whatever kind of designer you are) you’ll come across something called “Designer’s Block” wherein nothing just seems to look artful. No matter what kind of cozy, air-conditioned room you may go, how many cups of coffee you take, and how many genres / artists you switch to (from Boyce Avenue to Bach or Beethoven to Eminem) Nothing just seems to boil and conspire into your brain.

But alas! What i did to vanquish the boredom that slowly seeps and infects my brain? Mostly just browse through sites like Abduzeedo or Deviantart and try to look at other people’s works. Tumblr also works! And then just browse and browse until something looks do-able (that’s what she said *wink) and you’ve got yourself a one way ticket out of the City of Designer’s Block!

Now i’m not saying that this can apply to everybody, There are a thousand ways to do it. But i think the most common one, that seems to make sense is to step out of the box. For example like think of something ordinary, and keep asking questions as to how to make it extra-ordinary or bizarre or epic. Your pic! Just get out of that friggin box! 🙂

Oh and yes! Here’s what i did to rid myself of writer’s block:



Another Happy Customer!

Been having alot of luck lately. This is actually my second freelance work for the week! Normally i just get like once every two weeks which is very lame, But i guess my luck is stirring 🙂

So this one if for a Wine / Alcoholic Expert website. They mostly specialize in fine wines and drinks and the such. And they were planning an event for father’s day, that needed to be advertised properly. 🙂 So! I had two banners made, and also had a promotional banner done for an app they were launching pretty soon. 🙂 Honestly speaking i really didn’t like the outcome of the second banner, Maybe because i’ve been to too much minimalistic work. But as long as they’re happy, right? Haha


A&S Banner and Flyer

A Strike of Insomnia and A Happy Client!

Today (Rather Yesterday) I had a terrible insomnia. It was about 8:30AM today and i was still up. For some strange reason, I think the culprit behind it is Mountain Dew + Coffee + Gummy Bears. Yes. Gummy Bears. I know.

But in the midst of this wreck, I had a client in oDesk who needed a logo re-designed. It wasn’t much though, I mean there was already an existing logo, so we just had to revamp it and make it better. So i was extremely motivated, I told myself that i’m not sleeping until i give this guy what he needs. Haha so i guess that also somehow affected my sleep (Though i still blame the friggin gummy bears) But yeah without further adue, This is the end result of his logo:


PJPostWhat’s good about this is the client was very responsive. So immediately if he wanted to change something i was there. And thank Goodness, i got every alteration right, which of course was good. It’s actually been awhile since i made a client this happy, And it just gives me motivation to work harder, and to find more clients. 🙂 If you are in need of any Graphic or Logo designs for basically anything, You can check my oDesk profile here, or you can always contact be here on my blog 🙂


Grilled to the Bones! (Recent Works 5/6/14)

Waters evaporating, Kids sweating and houses burning down spontaneously. Summer heat has never been this worse. So what better way than to just deal with it and try my best to be cool.


So in efforts to distract myself i made some logos to rid my boredom:

I remembered the words Hive Mind while i was browsing some stuff through the internet. Something called “Trust the HiveMind”. Now i didn’t know what it was in reference to, But i thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a logo for it 🙂 I drew a ninjask – like bee thru illustrator, and had it colored in Photoshop later on 🙂

The bee thing sucks, i know. Haha

The bee thing sucks, i know. Haha

Recent Works! (9-12-2013)

So i stopped posting for awhile doesn’t mean i stopped making fancy Graphic Stuff for clients to see. I’ve just gotten an interview from a Swedish Company asking some samples of my work done, so i thought might as well update my blog and show them what i am indeed made of 🙂


This is a poster i made after watching the documentary “Helvetica” and noticed how typography can greatly affect the design of the whole subject. Though the helvetica font inspired me to make this poster, i used the Futura LT font and sliced up bits and pieces and moved them upwards or downwards.Image

This was one of the most recent projects i had made, a poster, a flyer and of course the Wizard logo for a Local Australian Business called CompWizard. Image

This is a Photo – Manipulaiton i was also looking forward to learn for awhile now. Glad some of the tutorials I’ve been watching on Youtube has finally payed off 🙂

So! I hope not only the Swedish company likes it, but i hope other opportunities out there as well. I am still in the hopes of updating my blog, and if ever to keep it going for so long. 🙂

Daddy’s Home. :)

So i came back after a few months of inactivity. I actually got a job recently so i somehow got inactive for quite sometime. So now, slow and steady, since this is my portfolio blog, i’m trying to update this more often that now since most of the jobs i am applying to looks at some of my works at how credible i can be. So! here’s something that i have been cooking yesterday:


Fight Boredom Now!

Fight Boredom Now!


I made a friend from work who was really good at singing. He even had a studio at his pad where he can record his songs and posts them on social sites or sells on iTunes. lately he hasn’t made some because he needed more advertising, and he’s going to be a lucky(? haha) father soon. So a lot has been going on in his life, that i asked him if he wanted some logo’s designed for his music thing. He said yes, and here are some of the logos that he liked:

Fresh Gentlemen 1


Fresh Gentlemen 2



Fresh Gentlemen 3

Look, he’s a really good singer, and if you want to know him more, his facebook can be found here.


Well, i’m currently updating my resume now, and i hope things go well. Wish me luck! 🙂