Stuff I’ve Been Working On Pretty Recently.

Been off for quite awhile. Been having job interviews almost every week with no success 😦 But alas! I just keep moving forward and onto the next job. 🙂

So these are some of the things i’ve been busy doing. I’ve had a few clients on the side whilst in the middle of all these interviews, and here are some of the stuff i did for them:


An Indie iOS App (Left) And UI for Gist Magazine (Right)

An Indie iOS App (Left) And UI for Gist Magazine (Right)

Banners Made for A&S Beverages.

Banners Made for A&S Beverages.

Posters here include: UST's ECONLIBRIUM Dance Troupe Auditions Poster, A local German Insurance Company Banner, JS Prom Poster, Fire Dances Movie Poster and of course a poster i did for a local music fesitval contest. :)

Posters here include: UST’s ECONLIBRIUM Dance Troupe Auditions Poster, A local German Insurance Company Banner, JS Prom Poster, Fire Dances Movie Poster and of course a poster i did for a local music fesitval contest. 🙂


Another Happy Customer!

Been having alot of luck lately. This is actually my second freelance work for the week! Normally i just get like once every two weeks which is very lame, But i guess my luck is stirring 🙂

So this one if for a Wine / Alcoholic Expert website. They mostly specialize in fine wines and drinks and the such. And they were planning an event for father’s day, that needed to be advertised properly. 🙂 So! I had two banners made, and also had a promotional banner done for an app they were launching pretty soon. 🙂 Honestly speaking i really didn’t like the outcome of the second banner, Maybe because i’ve been to too much minimalistic work. But as long as they’re happy, right? Haha


A&S Banner and Flyer


A few years back, Sony was at the top of the charts, bringing electronics to the consumers content. But when the era of cellular phones cease to populate, and the era of Smartphones have sprung, Sony has been having trouble keeping up.  But trying to keep up, does not mean stopping to where they last released a flagship electronic to compete in the consumer market. Last year (2011) Sony has released the Xperia Arc, which seems like the bigger brother to the Xperia Ray. And since then, Sony has started releasing Android-Based Xperia phones to continue on competeing in the consumer’s market.

Now onto the Xperia Ray….which is what this review is all about 🙂

If you’ve been used to using the Samsung Galaxy Note or an HTC Titan or any other big phones out there, then your hands may still be getting used to the Xperia Ray. This phone is anything but BIG AND THICK, which is an advantage to some people with small hands. This phone measures at 111 x 53 x 9.4 mm in dimensions, and weighs just about 100 grams. Being said that this phone is small, some may think that it’s been reduced to a really small phone, and all the good stuff scraped down to a cheaper Xperia, but the Xperia Ray is no slouch. This short stuff still packs a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon Processor, running on Android 2.3(Gingerbread) upgrade-ready to the Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) an 8MP Shooter, with a little downside on the 512 RAM, and a 1GB internal memory.

But also, this phone is ready to your micro SD’s that support up to 32GB of space. It also supports 2G (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900) and 3G (HSDPA 900 / 2100 – ST18i / HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 – ST18a). The most interesting bit about this phone for me is it’s display. As time has it, Sony never dissapoints in terms of display, as the Xperia Ray has an LED-backlit LCD,Capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors, and at the size of 480 x 854 pixels in 3.3 inches (~297 ppi pixel density) with a multi touch feature. The glass on the screen also has Scratch-resistance as well as the BRAVIA Mobile Engine, Touch Sensitive Controls, and probably the feature that i love most is the Timescape UI.

Looking more on the physical side, the Xperia Ray comes in Black, Gold, White and Pink. On the front is the awesome display mentioned above, with three buttons on the bottom, two capacitive touch buttons for Previous and Options, and one physical Home Button, as well as a sensor on the top near the earpiece speakers, and a front-facing camera. Going to the back, the back seems to have a matte finish, which gives it’s high-quality feel, and on the mid-top is the 8MP Camera, and just below it is the LED Flash. below the back of the phone is the Sony Ericsson Logo and just below that is the Speaker. On the sides, is a Micro-USB 2.0 port on the left and volume rockers on the right. On the top of the device is the power button, and 3.5mm headphone jack, while lastly on the bottom is the yep, you’ve guessed it: microphone.

Since we’ve got the basic low-downs of the device now comes the really interesting part. After using it a few hours or so, i could feel the battery heating up easily on the back. It kind of bothers me that i have to replace the battery soon, but i hope not, as i am very impressed at how long i can play Temple Run, Facebook, Twitter and stuff without even draining it for at most 6-7 Hours. The camera and display is stupendous, it’s insane. for a small device like the Xperia Ray, i could not believe at how vivid and crisp the details of pictures. There are some downsides of course, as being this is a cheap phone, the processing of some tasks tends to be a bit slow. The boot is kinda slow, and also the loading of some HQ pictures is a bit slow. But if you can wait 5 seconds or less for a picture to load, then you have no problem there.  The sound quality is also decent, i’d say my iPod Nano is of somewhat equal to the sound it brings, and the speakers are also okay.

Physically i’m kinda scared of ever dropping this phone, as it is really small. The presence of this device in my palm is somewhat minimal, it’s almost disturbing, for someone like me who has above average hands. This phone is perfect for girls, or people with small hands, as it fits perfectly at the palm.

The main reason i’m somewhat dissapointed with this phone is it’s memory and processing. It’s kind of small really, because it only has a 1GB internal memory. It wouldn’t really hurt for at least a 2GB internal memory, now, would it? Some of the apps i put in are having a hard time, especially since some of them didn’t come from the Play Store (tee hee). And the lack of a file manager also kind of dissapoints me, as i still have to download a File Manager App. Go here to check out the file manager app that i downloaded for this device.

SO final thoughts: For the budget wise, this phone is a-okay for you. Size and thickness is something that people can get used to anyways, so it’s no big deal in a few months for you. If you have an extra budget, go for something better like the Xperia P. (For a lay-down of the Xperia P specs, gsmarena has the full specs of Xperia P and Xperia Ray.) But for those who are somewhat hardcore, this phone may give up on you easily. The Xperia Ray is sort of a low end phone compared to the Xperia P, as the Xperia Ray can do alot of things but can’t have them all at once. Also the upgrade from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich may be the worst possible move to alot of Xperia Ray users, as it can greatly affect the speed of the phone. Some Xperia Ray users say that upgrading to ICS slows down their phone, so i’d rather not recommend it, unless you want the new version of Android OS.

so that’s it! Hope you enjoyed my review! 🙂

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The Creativity Comeback: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumors and Launch

Today, smart phones are dominating the markets these days. yearly, a new model or brand of smart phone is being released, and people are trying their best to keep up with the latest gadget, in hopes that things would be a lot simpler and easier. Last February 19, 2012, The Samsung Galaxy Note was launched, with probably the biggest smart phone to date, with it’s monster-like 5.3 inch display screen, and an added stylus for creativity and with the use of Samsung’s Apps, the Samsung Galaxy Note was the biggest phone you could ever want that could fit snugly in your pockets.

But alas, another monster phone in the name of Samsung Galaxy Note II is coming, and with rumors from Android Central, The new Galaxy Note would feature a bigger, 5.5 inch display, quad core CPU and android 4.1 (jellybean). Sadly enough, the UBP or the Unbreakable Plane display technology will not be featured on the Note II, as Samsung will be reserving it for a future product.

Also to note, Android Central also pointed out, that the device would be released on the IFA this august that will be held in Berlin, Germany.

The Samsung Galaxy Note was indeed a big hit to consumers. It’s insanely huge screen didn’t seem to block Samsung’s road to success on the device, so it just seemed legit enough for a successor device such as the Galaxy Note II. The Galaxy Note II SHOULD and must be at least Quad Core CPU, in order to compete in other Android Phones such as the HTC One X phones or even the bigger rival, the coming of the iPhone 5. Some rumors are saying that the iPhone 5 would also have a quad-core processor, but alas, Apple has it’s way of keeping it’s consumers wanting for more.

Hope to cover the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note II on august from the live streams. 🙂 I’m going to post it if ever i get to witness the unveiling at IFA. 🙂

New (DECENT) Header! :)

UPDATE: yeah i sorta removed the text on the side. i think it’s better this way, don’t you think? 🙂

Let’s be honest. It’s a lot better than the previous one, right? 🙂 But i guess you’re also wondering how i did it?

Well, first the 3D effect i was going for…I got the idea from here. So if ever you are going to try it, you’re going to notice one thing: This tutorial is made for texts. Good observation there! Well, if you want to use it on pictures like i did, though the 3D effect would subside a bit, but not to the point where it totally disappears, do what i did: use the topmost layer of the eyeglasses picture and set the blending mode to normal instead of Overlay. 🙂 got it?

UPDATE: i still used the Sakkal Majalla font for the text on the right. 🙂 you can try looking at dafont or ffonts for a huge selection of free fonts. 🙂

So i hope you guys like my new header. And i hope i get to know what you think about it by showing some love below the comment section. 🙂 Peace! 🙂