What Happened in Toycon 2014 Day 3 (Star Wars Edition)

Yes it's legit fire. LOL Just kidding! Iron Man Mark 1 Yo!

There are a number of reasons why this is a Star Wars edition of the recent TOYCON 2014 in SM Megamall and not a “What Happened in Toycon 2014 Day 3(period)” is the title for this blogpost. One of which is being i was too distracted by that one massive booth filled with Star Wars Merch that the Jedi Force inside me just couldn’t seem to contain itself and it literally just burst out of me (it’s my first CON so spare me the frustrated comments.) that i forgot to take pictures of other happenings on TOYCON 2014, but nonetheless it was an awesome TOYCON, with the help of the cosplayers, gamers and of course, TOYS! 🙂

So basically, (For those of you like me who was born yesterday, or was born from a galaxy far, far away) TOYCON is a TOY CONvention where all Toy, Anime, Photographers and Cosplay enthusiasts come to gather and showcase their toys, buy/sell some stuff they own like comic books, lightsabers and ironman’s right hand (My friend Andrew Subiela actually got one for himself.), Or just talk and share interests with fellow cosplayers and toy enthusiasts alike.

So of course i took some pictures, and i guess just by the pictures themselves, you’ll know why this is TOYCON 2014: Star Wars Edition. haha! (Photos taken by HTC One X and edited on VSCO Cam App):

When i got home i realized i didn't manage to take a picture with Gypsy Danger. Dammit.

One of the memorable Kaiju in Pacific Rim. :)

I'm sorry. I just had to.

T'was really awesome seeing all these gamers playing DC Universe. Such wow.

I've always wanted this on my room. Maybe someday, If i can actually manage to get a room for myself. Haha

When Annakin looked a little like Lord Voldemort. Whoa.

It's Simple. We Kill The Jedi.

A Close Up of the Fetts.

Looks like another Clone War, no? 'cept Bobba Fett isn't alive...So....

And last but not least? UNO Magazine also happened to be in TOYCON 2014, with their June Cover Girl, Roxee B or A.K.A. Roxanne Barcelo. You guys may remember her as the host of Art Angel way back in 2010? Yes. My friends had to chant “A-aart A-aangel, A-aart A-aangel” just so i can get a five-second flashback of her beauty. Alas time has been good to Ms. Roxee B, not only in physical appearances but on her musical career as well, As she is going to release a new CD soon! So watch out for that. 🙂 Oh! And i also managed to get a picture which basically completes my TOYCON 2014 experience, Props to Mr. Andrew Subiela of course 🙂

Isn't she just lovely? :)

Isn’t she just lovely? 🙂