Nothing like a little Kate Upton to get rid of Designer’s Block.

Disclaimer: Kate Upton’s picture is not mine. Got it from GQ Magazine. 🙂


It’s inevitable. Sooner or later, every Designer (whatever kind of designer you are) you’ll come across something called “Designer’s Block” wherein nothing just seems to look artful. No matter what kind of cozy, air-conditioned room you may go, how many cups of coffee you take, and how many genres / artists you switch to (from Boyce Avenue to Bach or Beethoven to Eminem) Nothing just seems to boil and conspire into your brain.

But alas! What i did to vanquish the boredom that slowly seeps and infects my brain? Mostly just browse through sites like Abduzeedo or Deviantart and try to look at other people’s works. Tumblr also works! And then just browse and browse until something looks do-able (that’s what she said *wink) and you’ve got yourself a one way ticket out of the City of Designer’s Block!

Now i’m not saying that this can apply to everybody, There are a thousand ways to do it. But i think the most common one, that seems to make sense is to step out of the box. For example like think of something ordinary, and keep asking questions as to how to make it extra-ordinary or bizarre or epic. Your pic! Just get out of that friggin box! 🙂

Oh and yes! Here’s what i did to rid myself of writer’s block:




Grilled to the Bones! (Recent Works 5/6/14)

Waters evaporating, Kids sweating and houses burning down spontaneously. Summer heat has never been this worse. So what better way than to just deal with it and try my best to be cool.


So in efforts to distract myself i made some logos to rid my boredom:

I remembered the words Hive Mind while i was browsing some stuff through the internet. Something called “Trust the HiveMind”. Now i didn’t know what it was in reference to, But i thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a logo for it 🙂 I drew a ninjask – like bee thru illustrator, and had it colored in Photoshop later on 🙂

The bee thing sucks, i know. Haha

The bee thing sucks, i know. Haha

Daddy’s Home. :)

So i came back after a few months of inactivity. I actually got a job recently so i somehow got inactive for quite sometime. So now, slow and steady, since this is my portfolio blog, i’m trying to update this more often that now since most of the jobs i am applying to looks at some of my works at how credible i can be. So! here’s something that i have been cooking yesterday:


Fight Boredom Now!

Fight Boredom Now!


I made a friend from work who was really good at singing. He even had a studio at his pad where he can record his songs and posts them on social sites or sells on iTunes. lately he hasn’t made some because he needed more advertising, and he’s going to be a lucky(? haha) father soon. So a lot has been going on in his life, that i asked him if he wanted some logo’s designed for his music thing. He said yes, and here are some of the logos that he liked:

Fresh Gentlemen 1


Fresh Gentlemen 2



Fresh Gentlemen 3

Look, he’s a really good singer, and if you want to know him more, his facebook can be found here.


Well, i’m currently updating my resume now, and i hope things go well. Wish me luck! 🙂


Boredom turns into two posters. Not Bad.

So i was on the verge of boredom, and i had a sniff of the real world today. Finally got out and went walking and dawdling around at SM. And when i got home i made these two posters. 🙂










Though i’m not really going to prom later, i’m going to my cousin’s 18th Birthday. Hooray! Free Food! 🙂

Second Template :) Road Burner is what i want to call this. :)

So i tried (after looking at my first template) to make a new one, this time without tutorials, but using the 960 Grid. 🙂 Lee Agosila told me to try it after seeing my first template. So i tried it, and compared to the tutorial i used when making my first template. 🙂

If you want to know more about the 960 Grid System, here’s the link.

Inspiration Inside the Box: Thoughts of a bored Fresh-Graduate.

March 27, 2012 was the day I graduated. It was the start of this so long fiasco that’s been driving any unemployed fresh-graduate like me crazy to live outside the box, and in our case, the box is within the comforts of our home. Things like boredom can really kill, as the urge of every sunrise comes as a fleeting moment of joy for me (I’m not sure for the rest of us) and thank the man above for the awesome life I live.

But this infinity of time to ponder on and relax does have its perks and downsides. I have the time all to myself. I can do whatever the heck I want, with the limits of our two-floor apartment building. But alas, houses have their limits as to food, shelter and clothing. They never said that houses can provide a cure for boredom, so it’s actually safe to say I did everything there is to do here at home, which is actually a bit on the downside for me. Why? Because the resources for inspiration are slowly being depleted in front of me. It’s like my house was once a tropical rainforest, and due to the cutting of inspiration and cure for boredom, it has now become a fruitless city, with industries and buildings creating ways to kick the nature out of me.

The bottom line here I guess is I need some new seeds of inspiration. Something to write, or be happy about. The happiness of being able to have a whole day to yourself is slowly becoming a nightmare. Going out seems to be a healthy option, since all human beings need sunshine. And so going out I will…soon.

I picture the world outside the box as somewhat awesome. Awesome in a way that ideas are in abundance, that you can simply grab an idea or inspiration from another human being. People are random, though no racism or sexism intended, but I think people here from where I live are too predictable. Maybe it’s just me, but I can really tell the difference between people going to the mall to shop and buy stuff than to the people who are just there to chill. Idk.

I think everyone should not forget (for those who are bummed at home, like literally chained to their computers and beds) that the outside world is in need of our presence. Sure, you can buy all the things you need in the computer, and probably the only time you stand up is when you have to pick up your package or delivered food by your doorstep, but the world is much more than just clicks and subscriptions. I think the outside life and the inside life are like piracy in products in a way that piracy is the inside or indoors life. They are somewhat the same, but it’s when you get to have the legit or the outside life is when you feel that you are human. That you need this, fleeting feeling that you have something legit, something brand new…and that’s what the world can offer.

So, idk….just something out of boredom, i guess…

So i got this idea of a cool retro poster tutorial here. It was pretty awesome, especially since some of the pictures used were from shutterstock. I just improvised in the images and the fonts used, since i was only doing this to relieve myself out of boredom. 🙂 So, without further due, here’s what i did:

I still have some creative juice yet, but my back is disagreeing with my current situation. Jeez, ever since i came home from alabang my back just sort of hurts. Ouch.

will try to make a new decent header for this site if i could. 🙂 maybe if i make some tea…..Cheerios!