Another Happy Customer!

Been having alot of luck lately. This is actually my second freelance work for the week! Normally i just get like once every two weeks which is very lame, But i guess my luck is stirring 🙂

So this one if for a Wine / Alcoholic Expert website. They mostly specialize in fine wines and drinks and the such. And they were planning an event for father’s day, that needed to be advertised properly. 🙂 So! I had two banners made, and also had a promotional banner done for an app they were launching pretty soon. 🙂 Honestly speaking i really didn’t like the outcome of the second banner, Maybe because i’ve been to too much minimalistic work. But as long as they’re happy, right? Haha


A&S Banner and Flyer


Grilled to the Bones! (Recent Works 5/6/14)

Waters evaporating, Kids sweating and houses burning down spontaneously. Summer heat has never been this worse. So what better way than to just deal with it and try my best to be cool.


So in efforts to distract myself i made some logos to rid my boredom:

I remembered the words Hive Mind while i was browsing some stuff through the internet. Something called “Trust the HiveMind”. Now i didn’t know what it was in reference to, But i thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a logo for it 🙂 I drew a ninjask – like bee thru illustrator, and had it colored in Photoshop later on 🙂

The bee thing sucks, i know. Haha

The bee thing sucks, i know. Haha

Daddy’s Home. :)

So i came back after a few months of inactivity. I actually got a job recently so i somehow got inactive for quite sometime. So now, slow and steady, since this is my portfolio blog, i’m trying to update this more often that now since most of the jobs i am applying to looks at some of my works at how credible i can be. So! here’s something that i have been cooking yesterday:


Fight Boredom Now!

Fight Boredom Now!


I made a friend from work who was really good at singing. He even had a studio at his pad where he can record his songs and posts them on social sites or sells on iTunes. lately he hasn’t made some because he needed more advertising, and he’s going to be a lucky(? haha) father soon. So a lot has been going on in his life, that i asked him if he wanted some logo’s designed for his music thing. He said yes, and here are some of the logos that he liked:

Fresh Gentlemen 1


Fresh Gentlemen 2



Fresh Gentlemen 3

Look, he’s a really good singer, and if you want to know him more, his facebook can be found here.


Well, i’m currently updating my resume now, and i hope things go well. Wish me luck! 🙂


Boredom turns into two posters. Not Bad.

So i was on the verge of boredom, and i had a sniff of the real world today. Finally got out and went walking and dawdling around at SM. And when i got home i made these two posters. 🙂










Though i’m not really going to prom later, i’m going to my cousin’s 18th Birthday. Hooray! Free Food! 🙂


“Always consider pa din on how developers code your design..”

~Lee Agosila

That’s what he said when i first put up the template on my facebook. haha, i got so excited, i guess, and a little tired because it’s 12:23AM (yeah i know, it’s a bit early for Nocturnals like me, but i haven’t had any sleep lately) and i still have some exploring to do later that there were some elements of the template that need a-fixin. 🙂 thanks lee!

So like in the “About” part of this template, i saw some photo blogs and the picture-heavy technique is awesome. if you have time, also do check out my friend, Gello Cunan‘s awesome photo-blog 🙂

I put most of the description on the About Box because i think it’s alot easier. haha.



So i made this template after looking at some windows phones in malls and in the internet. 🙂 It kinda got me curious about a windows phone, because i admire the tile-structured menu ever since the windows 8 surface (or so i think it’s called) came out. It’s simple in a way that it’s so awesome and easy to do in Photoshop or any image editing software (im not sure about paint, though).

So after a couple of hours in photoshop, i used the 960 grid system again, as i have done in my previous post. 🙂 check it out! i also posted there a link to the 960 Grid System so you can try it out and be amazed at how easy it is to use 🙂

Oh right! here’s what i did:

Jepret is an Indonesian word used when one is to simply take a picture. 😀 It’s also the name of an App available for specific Nokia phones. If you’re interested, check out Jepret here.