Music Monday: Recess by Skillex

Before, in a time far far away, The only music that mattered was from classical giants like Beethoven, Bach and other classical greats who mastered (or was born) to play the piano, violin, etc. Decades and a chunkful of years later, technology has paved way and has opened up door number two in music progression. When people hear of “Dubstep” or “Electronic Dance Music” people usually associate them with Skrillex, Zedd, Avicii (It’s a-vee-chee for those new to EDM, i saved you a possible shame in case you’re planning to go to a rave. haha!) and some others whom you may have heard thru Pandora or Spotify or prolly from that one weird friend with the bass-heavy headphones. Today, for my Music Monday, i’d like to talk about Skrillex’s  “Recess” and how it compares to his previous albums and EP.

First of all, (Intro, please) For those of you who don’t know, Skrillex was a former lead singer(2004) of From First To Last, An American Rock band that’s been making noise even before Sonny Moore(A.K.A. Skrillex) took over the vocals. I actually admire the switch from “rocking and thumping to the moshpits” to just basically “jumping and waiting for that beat to drop” kind of music which are somewhat a little over on the other side of the music train. From here, Skrillex has released a number of albums, including “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites“,”Bangarang” and of course the one that were having a peek at, which is “Recess” Oh, did i also mention that Skrillex also won the Grammy Award for Best Electronic Dance Album for Bangarang back in 2012? 🙂

So about Recess: This album is cool in it’s own way, especially starting off with the awesome song “All Is Fair In Love And Brostep” with help from the Ragga Twins. This track basically has some bad-ass beats and really gives you hopes and expectations that this would be an awesome album. With some renditions from a random scientist that describes (vaguely) How a rocket needs “this much power” The whole song of course does not make sense, But with EDM / Dubstep it’s not really the “what does this song mean” are most listeners after; It’s more of the way it pumps you up and just gives you a surge of energy that you thought you never had.

Another one of my favorite tracks in this album is the self-titled song, “Recess” I listen to this song when i play basketball by myself (#ForeverAlone) And just by immersing myself into the game and the music, i played like i didn’t care. It was awesome. But i guess it would be alot better if i ACTUALLY shot some hoops, but meh, i had fun listening to it and i sweat and that’s always good right?

One of the songs in the album was made into a music video featuring Skrillex’s tours from all over the place with Alvin Risk, otherwise known as Marcio Alvarado. “Try It Out” was a simple dubstep song at first with stable beats. But as it progresses, the beat intensifies, and delivers a much more energetic song that when it started a two minutes and ten seconds ago. The music video altogether was epic, and if you want to watch it, the link to Skrillex and Alvin Risk’s “Try It Out” can be found here.

Also, one of the songs in Recess made it to the Divergent OST. If you guys have seen the movie, the part wherein Tris walks in the bar to meet Tori, The song playing on the background was “Stranger” by (of course) Skrillex. I actually did the *deep breathing* thing in the cinema and said “Whoa! That’s A Skrillex Song!” But of course not loud enough to make me look like a Skrillex fanboy. haha! Anyways, This track for me is sexy. The beats are steady, and the music itself has a slow vibe to it that doesn’t go any faster. But in a sense, i kinda knew how they got this Skrillex song to be played in a Divergent, Dauntless Bar, because the mood was settling, but not in a way that the bar would turn into a sleezy coffee shop.

“Fuck That” is also a nice song. It starts with a simple beat, with a hint of a somewhat transformers-ish kind of transforming sound? Followed by the repetition of the words “Fuck That” and then it goes to a sort of thumping underground beat that gives a decent head dance(yes, it’s the first term that came to my head to describe a slow and steady head bang. Sorry. Haha!)

The tracklist goes on and ends with a rather mellow song called “Fire Away” the song kind of gives a closing finish that isn’t too hyper and too upbeat. Just a nice, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) that you can dance or listen to on a rainy or chill-pill day.

My thoughts on the album? It’s alright. But compared to Bangarang, Recess lacked the hype and boom that Bangarang delivered. This album focuses more on the mellow and chill-pill kind of environment, but with tracks like Recess, Try It Out and Dirty Vibe so as to not stray too far from the booming beats side.

So to wrap this up, I’d give a 70% Recommendation to download this track on iTunes or Google Play Music. But hey! I wanna hear your opinion on his album. Leave a comment or an email to tell me what you think, And also if you have any music that you want me listen to and review with, you know what to do. Peace out!